Iltalehti does it again: Spreading hatred and degrading asylum seekers


Finland’s tabloids, Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat, are part of the country’s racism and Islamophobia problem. Back in 2015, Ilta-Sanomat stated on a billboard that 10,000 “illegal refugees” will come to Finland.

This biased and racist journalism exposes how biased and unbalanced some Finnish media is.

In their ever-alarming way to boost sales, Iltalehti led a story with the following headline:

“This is how Finland prepares if a lot of illegal migrants cross the eastern border: ‘People can sleep safely,” Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo is quoted as saying.

The question: Are people crossing the eastern border “illegal migrants” or asylum seekers?

Read the original story (in Finnish) here.
See the original posting (in Finnish) hereIla-Sanomat claims that “this year 10,000 illegal refugees will come to Finland.” Illegal refugees? No such thing. Source: Facebook.

This story was originally published in Migrant Tales.