SAS Airline ad: What is truly Scandinavian? Absolutely nothing.



The far-right populists in Scandinavia like representatives of the Islamophobic Danish People’s Party are having a fit about a SAS Airline ad that was taken down because it said the truth about culture: everything is copied.

SAS said in a statement: “It is regrettable that the film is misunderstood, that some choose to interpret the message and use it for their own purpose.”

The good news? “We are now continuing the planned campaign, and we hope that it emphasizes the core message that travel enriches us,” the airline said.

One reason why far-right populist groups are going nuclear due to the ad is because it exposes their lies and fake nationalism.

The video asks what is truly Scandinavian?

The answer: “Absolutely nothing…Everything is copied.”

And continues: “Every time we go beyond our borders we are colors, innovation, progress…[we] bring the best of everything to here…in a way Scandinavia was brought here piece by piece by everyday people who found the best of our home away from home.”

This was originally published in Migrant Tales.