STATEMENT: Residential periods for citizenship should be lowered, not increased

The Islamophobic Finns Party (PS) has submitted a draft law that will raise the residential period to get Finnish citizenship to ten years from five years now, reports Helsingin Sanomat.

While wishing to raise the residential period to ten years is nothing new, it is a good example of how the PS wants to retard non-Finns from being full members of society.

The solution to integration is very simple: The faster you grant citizenship, the faster people can become full members of society. If you are a foreigner, you cannot vote in parliamentary and presidential elections.

The PS’ draft law is disingenuous. It states that Finnish citizenship should be granted only to people who will integrate and that they won’t commit crimes.

PS parliamentary group leader Ville Tavio stated in Helsingin Sanomat that citizenship too quickly. It would be a pull factor for people who cannot find work to bring their families.

Tavio forgets conveniently to state that only about 10% of all foreigners living in Finland came as refugees.

The draft law proposed by the PS has nothing to do with ensuring safety in Finland or saving taxes spent on migrants but to perpetuating the injustice that non-Finns face and who are the mercy of anti-immigration parties like the PS.


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